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Areas of Practice
  • Family Law Litigation Family Law Litigation

    Changes in your family structure can be overwhelming for all those involved. Whether you are pursuing divorce, experiencing marital conflict or facing another issue close to home, you need the support of a family law attorney who can provide you with understanding and trustworthy representation. I am dedicated to answering all of your questions as I guide you through the family law process.

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  • Collaborative Law Collaborative Law

    Collaborative law is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which parties may resolve disputes peacefully and respectfully without going to court. In the collaborative process, parties are represented by attorneys who assist them in reaching a settlement agreement. Rather than undergoing the uncertainty of the court process, my clients often opt for the collaborative process because it allows them to control their result, and have an attorney by their side throughout the collaborative process.

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  • Mediation Mediation

    If you want to avoid the unpredictability and expense of litigation, mediation might serve as a better option. I am an experienced mediator who helps individuals resolve their legal disputes amicably. I guide parties to mediation to resolution through a focused approach to their priorities. Parties often require creative solutions to complex problems that courts cannot address in an effective manner that is customized for the parties to the dispute. Mediation gives you more control over the legal process, usually producing quicker results than going to trial.

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  • Limited Scope – Unbundled Legal Representation Limited Scope – Unbundled Legal Representation

    Rather than having an attorney represent you through the entire course of your case, I can assist you with legal advice and representation for individual parts of your case. "Limited scope" representation, or “unbundled" legal services allow attorneys to provide assistance to clients for individual tasks, such as drafting documents to be filed, drafting agreements, or preparing you to represent yourself at a hearing.

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About the Firm

Accomplished Attorney Committed to Resolving Family Law Issues

Hardworking trial lawyer represents clients in domestic and civil litigation matters

Emotional stress and uncertainty are often the byproducts of divorce and family law conflicts. At the Law Office of Stacey E. Andersen, LLC, in Baltimore, I have worked to ease the pain of domestic disputes for families throughout Maryland. Since 1997, I have practiced as a trial attorney, and I understand how the adversarial process impacts parties and their families. Recognizing that every family law matter is different, I tailor my representation to meet your unique needs. While my reputation is that of an ardent litigator, I am equally adept at helping clients resolve complex issues through intensive out-of-court settlement options like the collaborative process, mediation and negotiation. Whether you need help resolving a divorce or custody issue or require thorough advocacy in a litigated case, I will provide you with strong legal support.

Tactics and Strategy for Maryland families

When it comes to resolving even the toughest family law and litigation cases, I know that carefully calculated tactics and a well-planned strategy are both the best offense and defense to carry my clients through the adversarial process. Maryland clients choose me to represent them because they have found me to be:

  • Thorough — When you seek my counsel for a domestic law or civil litigation issue, I provide you with thorough responses and answer your questions and concerns with care and consideration.
  • Compassionate — Understanding that your legal problem may be causing you and your family a great deal of emotional pain and suffering, I proceed with my advocacy from a position of empathy and I accompany you from this perspective throughout your case.
  • Reputable — As an attorney for more than 20 years, I have become known throughout Maryland for delivering trusted advocacy to family law and civil litigation clients.

If you require dedicated legal support for a domestic matter or legal dispute, I draw upon decades of experience to protect your rights and interests.

Areas of Practice


I provide sound counsel in the following practice areas:

  • Family law — My comprehensive family law practice provides representation to clients in divorce, child custody, alimony, and other domestic matters.
  • Collaborative law — Drawing on my experience in alternative dispute resolution methods, I help families, businesses, and individuals end legal conflicts through a dedicated out-of-court settlement process called the Collaborative Process.
  • Mediation — As an experienced mediator, I seek to resolve divorce, child custody, property settlements and other family law issues in a non-adversarial manner that benefits all parties involved.
  • Limited Scope - Unbundled Legal RepresentationLimited Scope or Unbundled Legal Services is a way that I can provide legal assistance to clients for parts of their cases, rather than representing them throughout the entire litigation process.

As a seasoned attorney, I recognize that no two cases are the same. After carefully studying the circumstances of your family law or civil litigation case, I can help you determine if your objectives require litigation or some form of alternative dispute resolution and then proceed in the way that works best for you.


Contact a results-driven trial lawyer in Maryland

Stacey E. Andersen is committed to representing clients in divorce, family law, and civil litigation cases throughout Maryland. Please call 410-637-8440 or contact my firm online to schedule a consultation with me at my Baltimore office.

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