Mediation is a non-adversarial alternative to the litigation process. Where parties are planning to separate, divorce, or work through custody, visitation or child support disputes --or where parties are attempting to resolve conflicts that have developed post-divorce, mediation facilitates communication between the parties, assists them in focusing on the real issues of the dispute, and generates options for settlement. The mediation process recognizes that the relationship of the couple and their family is primary and should be preserved for the long term.

Ms. Andersen approaches the mediation of conflicts through a structured process. In the initial meeting with the couple, Ms. Andersen defines her role in the mediation process and explains the guiding principles for parties to the mediation process. After the initial meeting, individual issues, such as property, custody and child support are mediated individually, with a final written agreement to be produced as the memorialization of the agreements reached by the parties. Mediation sessions typically last 2 hours long. The number of mediation sessions needed to resolve a dispute is determined by the complexity and number of issues to be mediated.

Ms. Andersen welcomes consultations with couples who are interested in exploring mediation as an avenue to dispute resolution.