Family Law

The conflicts that arise within families are some of the most difficult and stressful challenges that we face throughout the course of our lives.  Sometimes conflicts of this nature require the involvement of an attorney.  The law office of Stacey E. Andersen is committed to identifying and protecting the rights of its clients in these family law situations.  While it is often preferable to reach an amicable settlement, Ms. Andersen is prepared to pursue her clients' cases through litigation.  
Family law representation in the areas of  
Divorce - Alimony - Marital Property - Separation Agreements
Custody - Visitation - Paternity - Child Support
Domestic Violence - Protective Order Hearings - Peace Order Hearings
Prenuptial Agreements
Grandparent and Third Party Rights
Children’s Rights – “Best Interest Attorney”
Modification of Court Orders - Exceptions Hearings
Name Changes
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders