I understand the difficult nature of disputes that arise within interpersonal relationships and the strain that my clients endure throughout a divorce, custody dispute, or other family law matter. I embrace an advocacy and business model that focuses on zealous client representation that is tailored to the individual client's needs and goals. I wholeheartedly reject a "one-size-fits-all" approach to advocacy and problem solving for the client. I do not simply apply the law to the facts of the client's case, but I develop a deeper understanding of the client's issue from the personal, financial and practical perspectives. Effective problem solving is a holistic process. I just as actively serve as a litigator on behalf of my clients, as I seek solutions through peaceful and efficient forms of alternative dispute resolution.


Selecting Your Attorney


Choosing the right family law attorney for your case is essential. It is important that you select an attorney with whom you feel comfortable on both a personal and professional level. The relationship with your attorney is essential to your comfort level throughout what can be a difficult process. Although an attorney might be noted in a particular area of practice, you might not feel comfortable with that lawyer’s demeanor or the advice he or she may give you. You may also find that you like the attorney personally, but you find his or her professional demeanor, knowledge or skills do not meet your expectations. Part of your search for an attorney involves finding the right combination of competence and professionalism. As a client, you should have the following expectations:

Your attorney should hear you out on your concerns, and give you advice and direction and engage in discussion with you in order to generate the best options.

Your calls and emails should be answered promptly.

Your fee agreement and billing statements should be clear and understandable, and your attorney should be available to answer any questions and explain the billing arrangement clearly.

Your attorney should keep you promptly apprised of developments in your case and send you copies of important documents, for your records.

Your attorney and the attorney’s staff should be polite and professional.

You are afforded respect in your decision making: I work directly with you to identify your goals and concerns and to assist you in the development of options for resolution or strategy and tactics if we are involved in the litigation process. I understand that my clients are not familiar with the legal system, courts, and their rights and obligations. Part of representing clients involves educating the client on what can be a complex process, so that the client feels informed.



Areas of Practice 


Child Support  
Child Custody  
Grandparent & Third Party Access to Children  
Property Division  
Marital Separation Agreement  
Independent Legal Advice  
Prenuptial Agreements  
Domestic Violence  
Parenting Plans  
Civil Litigation  
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